Mark H. Thiemens Research Group Stable Isotopes Lab at the University of California San Diego, UCSD Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Anthony Fry Dean Division Physical Sciences
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PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Mark Thiemens mthiemens AT
LAB MANAGER: Terri Jackson tjackson AT
PROJECT SCIENTISTS: Dr. Subrata Chakraborty s1chakraborty AT
  Dr. Robina Shaheen roshaheen AT
GRADUATE STUDENTS: Daniel Crocker dcrocker AT
GRADUATE STUDENTS: Dr. Mang Lin Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry of CAS
  Dr. Jason Hill-falkenthal California Air Resources Board
  Dr. Greg Michalski Purdue University
  Dr. Becky Alexander University of Washington
  Dr. Justin McCabe Pacific Ridge School
  Dr. Steve Cliff University of California at Davis
POST-DOCTORAL: Dr. Gerardo Dominguez California State University San Marcos
  Dr. Vinai Rai Arizona State University
  Dr. James Farquhar University of Maryland
  Dr. Joel Savarino Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
  Dr. Greg Michalski Purdue University
  Dr. Huiming Bao Louisiana State University
(* - Former Group Members Not Complete, please contact Lin to add missing.)

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